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BB Valeting & Detailing

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Full Showroom Valet

Our most popular valeting package transforms your vehicle back to that showroom finish, inside and out.

We start by washing your vehcile via a non contact wash to remove general traffic dirt, including any contaminants. Next, we provide a full bodywork polish along with ensuring wheels and windows are cleaned and shinned, finished by dressing all exterior plastics.

Moving to the interior, the vehicle is hoovered, wet-vac (if required), interior plastics dressed with door shuts and windows polished completing the package.


Platinum detail

Our platinum package offers incredible value and results, using only the highest quality products on the market. The package includes a no contact wash, this removes all unwanted dirt and any present contaminants. A complete polish and wax transforming your paintwork, cleaning and shinning wheels and windows along with dressing all exterior plastics. Inside, we provide a interior deep clean consisting of hoovering, wet vac and all leather treated (if required), windows and door shuts cleaned and polished and all interior plastics dressed.


Interior Deep

Our automotive interior deep clean is the perfect package for customers looking to remove unwanted stains or odour.

Using only the highest quality professional products on the market today we kick off our interior deep clean package by hoovering your vehicle, wet vac (if required) paired with treating and feeding any leather correctly. Paying close attention to all plastics, these are dressed along with all windows being cleaned, transforming them to be crystal clear. Finishing the package we ensure all door shuts are cleaned and polished.


Basic Full

Introducing our full basic valet, the perfect package for customers looking to make their vehicle glisten.

Using only the highest quality products we start by washing the exterior of your vehicle via a non contact wash. We then complete the exterior by cleaning and polishing your wheels and windows and dressing all plastics. Moving inside, we hoover your interior, wet vac (if required) along with polishing all windows and finished by dressing all interior plastics. Instant results package inside and out.


boat, Van or Motorbike owner?

Cannot find the package to suit your needs? Own a large vehicle? We can tailor our packages to suit most requirements, from machine polishing to paint correction. With a vast wealth of professional knowledge, the highest quality products and years of experience we are able to deliver every time. If you require more information please contact us below.